sábado, enero 26, 2008

For You Fish, Filipovich.

Esta nota va en Inglés, primero para que no se me olvide del todo, y segundo, porque talvez la lea alguien que de otra manera no se enteraría.
For the sake of glory days and nothing else, here is the fish Filipovich. You've got me talking English when in fact you were such a Russian in the widest and deepest sense of the word.

I could say a lot about you, but I prefer being brief and I will leave it simply at what you often said: You don't risk, you don't drink Champagne. Hey Filipovich, to honour that saying you should be drinking Champagne by the barrel!!!! but then again, who said there is justice in life?

Fortunately there is life to be lived and lots of joy in comradeship and risking for the sake of it, or... is it 'cause there is no other way of being a decent man? Here is to you Filipovich, I know you will probably never read these lines, but it does not matter, with a glance we said it all to one another, long time ago.

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AlaskaSteve dijo...

Thanks for posting those! Where are you up to these days Pantxo? Cheers, steve